A list of people who don’t appreciate finding rabbit poop in their shoes

This is a draft. Please enjoy it as such.

A word about drafts

So I feel like I need to say something briefly, which is that these poems I’m posting are not finished products. They’re typically second drafts (the first often being handwritten for no really good reason) out of a process that can be a half-dozen drafts long. Usually at this point there aren’t any major changes, but none of these have had a red pen version done yet, where I take a legit view at meter and word choice across the whole poem. A lot of work goes into fine-tuning a piece, none of which has been done at this point on anything that I’m sending out. The idea of sending them out half-baked is to include people a little bit in the process, since this IS, after all, meant to be an interactive project. I almost never do this, though, so there is a bit of discomfort involved, as evidenced by the fact that I took the time to write this explanation.

There you go.

Bunny Brigade Final Version(s)

Woooo! Finished the Bunny Poster Thing!!!!

And then here it is with a black background:

Then I did a variant arrangement, since this is essentially random…

And with the black background…

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Hey, I still can’t make out all the details of my favorite!” Well, friend, you’re in luck! Since I had all of these rabbits done anyways, I decided to put them all together in a totally different sort of big poster thing…

And there you have it. Unless I decide to draw more.

Be sure to go check out the March Hare Project on Kickstarter, before it ends.

Also be sure to answer our very short poll about the relative speed of things to rabbits: https://goo.gl/forms/z5vmJiOAHbu4cXdy2

Eldritch Horror

Backers of the March Hare Project get to decide which of these ancient eldritch evils will be done up in a bigger fancy pants piece of art! GO SUPPORT THE PROJECT or die trying!

Oh yeah, we’re doing this because a poll we ran decided that a rabbit was most likely to be best friends with “Some kind of Lovecraftian style monster drawn without research.” There you go.


Our third poll is live now: https://goo.gl/forms/z5vmJiOAHbu4cXdy2 and will lead to some kind of chart or graph about the comparative speed of rabbits and things that aren’t rabbits. Here are some quick pics of progress:

Not Faster!