The March Hare Project gets its own website!

Hey. I decided that I wanted to have one place to post everything being thrown at the wall for this project, that way there was one concise location to check out all of the images and updates and stuff. Easier than reading through all of the updates on Kickstarter, at any rate, if you’re not already receiving them.

The First Public Poll (not to be mistaken for the backer poll that you need to be a backer to have been sent), is available here:

So. Here are some images to get us caught up, or something.

The rabbit drawings are coming along. These are the ones that are done:

And here’s what they’re looking like digitized:

These guys will be a nice poster print once they’re completed, that’s, naturally, available through the Kickstarter.

Here is the progress so far on a drawing that’s being created by the backers choosing animals: 

And here, for no real reason, is a rabbit beating up a clown, in two different colorways, complete with a limerick written to mark the occasion.

If you haven’t already, please back our kickstarter. For only a dollar you’ll be emailed all of the updates, polls, and things that we produce during the duration of the project. Backing for more gets you more stuff, which is neat, but our goal is to have the biggest possible collection of people participating. Tell your friends!